Saturday, April 25, 2009

Proposal Ozaimas Robotic

The theme for the project is transportation. when it come to transportation, I think of the vehicle that can lift, take people to another place. My group has narrow down the theme to the industrial transportation. From the ideation, our group has decided to make a forklift. The forklift can put things to another place. It has meet the needs of the transportation.

Name of Project: Ozaimas Robotic Forklift. We choose the name because it is the name of our group that is Ozaimas Robotic.

Theme: Transportation

1. To fulfill the requirement in this subject which is students in a group (max 4 students per group) to design, implement and test a simple instructional environment (teaching resource).
2. Overcome the problem of lifting heavy loads to another place.
3. Developing creative thinking and cooperation among students.

Problem Statement:
We choose the forklift as our project because our theme is a transport and it must be a useful transport. So, we choose the forklift because as we known the forklift have its own function. Teachers can use this forklift to tell their students about the function of a forklift. Forklift is a transportation which is designed to lift, carry and load heavy loads using two forks situated at the front of the vehicle. Loads are usually secured on wooden pallets that fit over the forks. The formal name for a forklift is an "industrial truck". However, its speed is limited depending on the load, height and turning radius. The main parts in this forklift are NXT, motor, sensors, tyres. We will use only one NXT, three motor, two sensors which is light sensor and ultrasonic sensor. We will implement this project in Living Skills in primary school.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009



The forklift is using the NXT software.

The picture below shows the function of each icon that has been used for the project.

Part A

Part B

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tug of War (5/02/2009)

On 5 February 2009, in our class has make a simple competition on Tug of War. On the day, the class was conducted by Mr. Abdul Ghani. He has sugessted that, make a tournament during the class. He gave the class a theme for the tournament that is Tug of War robots. He said that based on our own creativity, design a robot that can meet the theme for the tournament.

...busy doing a robot for the Tug War...

...take a break for a while...

...this is our robot...

After several competition in the class, my theme has won. We have won for 2 competition. Our group has made to the final round. Because of the group that join the competition just six group, our class only can manage a simple league that is Group A, 3 round and Group B, 3 round.

...while the competition...

The winner for each group will meet the final. My group is the winner for Group B. My group will meet the winner in Group A. In the final, I have design a robot that can stand to win the tournament. I have modified the robots to test the theory of using small tires behind. But unfortunately, the theory is fail.

...yeah!! we got the second place overall...

But after the tournament, our class have learn a lot. We have learn the basis of physics, maths, science,ICT usage and others. The tournament is very useful for us to apply the theory that we have learned before in secondary schools. Although, we have lose the tournament but we learn from our mistakes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Attacking Robot and Transportation Robot (12/02/2009)

On 12 February 2009, our class has made two types of robot that is attacking robot and transportation robot. The class is conducted by Mrs. Rashidah bt. Ahmad. She has explain some criteria for the robot. After she has explain the criteria that we should take note for making robot, she let us to make the robot.

Before recess, we tried to make an attacking robot. Our robot is called Hammerbot. The Hammerbot is just the prototaip. Then we have modified the attacking robot to the transportation robots that can lift things. Our robots is the lightest among the other robots. Our robots weight is 676 gram. The other robots is above 740gram.

Once again our class has conducted a small tournament for the attacking robots. In five minutes time, our group has manage to modified the transportation robot to an attacking robots. Altough our robots is the lightest, we manage to get the second place in group B. Althiough we has lost, we manage to determine what is our weakness. A class that have enjoyable moment will helps students to learn better. During the class, I've learn how to conducted a class with a an activity that is enjoyable and useful for the students.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Members of Ozaimasl Group

After two entries, now we want to introduce ourself as owner of this homepage. Welcome to all of u... Welcome to our homepage..Enjoy the entries from all of us..Tadaa!!

Mohd Fadrul bin Mis

Azrulliza binti Kassim

Azyyati binti Zulkifli